Robert Pattinson's Actions at 'The Rover' Premiere Will Blow You Away (PHOTO)

Robert Pattinson

OMG you guys -- if you weren't already totally head over heels in love with Robert Pattinson, wait until you hear what he did on the red carpet at the premiere of The Rover, because it will leave you wanting to have his baby. (Or maybe even two or three of them.)

I mean, seeing him show up looking all dapper in his blue suit is enough to make us swoon from afar, so can you imagine how the people in attendance must have felt seeing him? And since Rob is a dude who has no problem mixing with the crowd to show his appreciation for their loyalty, he even stopped to pose for a few selfies with fans.

But then he went one step further. Get ready to let out a big, "Awwwwww!!"


Robert Pattinson and little girl

Um, are you freakin' kidding me?!? Look at the smile on that little girl's face! (I'm dying. Seriously.)

She's never going to forget that moment -- and something tells me her mother won't either. There's honestly nothing sexier than a man showing kindness to your kid. Mama must have been drooling.

We always knew he was a gem of a guy, but this sweet gesture really captures what a genuine, decent person Rob is under his A-list status.

And another thing -- doesn't this picture make you think he'll be an amazing father someday? He sure looks good with a kiddo standing next to him, don't you think? Man. Kristen Stewart screwed up settling down with the catch of the century, which is something I'm sure she knows all too well. And if she catches a glimpse of this photo? She's definitely going to be kicking herself.

Did this picture melt your heart?


Images via Cathy Gibson/PacificCoastNews; Splash News

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