Kim Kardashian Shows Off Flattest Abs EVER in Sexy Body Selfies (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian

We already knew that Kim Kardashian's post-wedding bikini body is nothing short of amazing, but apparently she wants to make damn sure we don't forget how hot she really is.

She and Kanye West are livin' the dream right now, soaking up the sun at a gorgeous villa in Mexico. Kim decided to give us a little insight into just how amazing the view is from their pad.

But while the landscape is definitely breathtaking, Kim's flat-as-a-pancake abs are the real star of the show.


I forget what these body selfies are called (isn't there some special name for them, or did I make that up?) -- but they're certainly revealing.

Kim Kardashian bikini

Kim Kardashian bikini

DAMN. Ok, so one might argue that Kim is blatantly showing off and fishing for compliments with these shots -- but can you blame her? I mean, the woman has worked really, really hard to get back into shape after having a baby, so she deserves to flaunt her results whenever the mood strikes her.

Hell, I wouldn't hesitate to share photos like this via social media if my body was as bangin' as Kim's -- would you?

I know she's lying down and all, which makes anyone's mid-section appear trimmer, but you can only fake flat abs to a certain extent. It's clear that Kim is likely still staying away from carbs and anything that could possibly bloat her, which is no easy feat on a honeymoon when you're supposed to be indulging like crazy.

Man. You gotta give her credit for being so disciplined. I guess it's true what they say -- nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?

(Oh hell, honey -- go ahead and dig into the chips and salsa and have a few margaritas before you head back to L.A. You can sweat it off as soon as you return.)

Are you impressed by Kim's abs?


Images via Devone Byrd/PacificCoastNews; kimkardashian/Instagram; kimkardashian/Instagram

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