Kim Kardashian's Honeymoon Bikini Body Is So Perfect It Almost Looks Fake

Kim Kardashian

Oh. My. GAWD. Stop what you are doing immediately and head on over to the Daily Mail to see sexy new photos of Kim Kardashian in a bikini on her honeymoon. You honestly aren't going to believe how freakin' insane her body is.

It's ok ... I'll pause while you go back for one more look or two before proceeding.

All right. So I know Kim has looked ridiculously hot in the past, but how is it even possible for her to look that picture-perfect just a few days shy of a year after having a baby? (Nori turns a year old on June 15.)

Sure, plenty of celeb moms have rocked a two-piece postpartum, but Kim is so svelte and lump- and bump-free, it's kind of unbelievable. She could seriously pass for a Barbie doll or something.


And while she and Kanye West are supposed to be enjoying a very private, romantic second honeymoon in Mexico, I'm sure she isn't going to complain about the paps managing to capture a few shots of her poolside.

Hell, if this were me, I'd make posters out of these photos and plaster them all over the place. 

Kim may have had to sacrifice and work her butt off in the gym over the past year to achieve such a flawless physique, but it's obvious that kicking carbs to the curb and sweating as much as possible paid off and then some.

Looking as good as she does, it's kind of amazing that Kanye even let her out of their villa to squeeze in a little pool time, if you know what I mean. Something tells me he's more than pleased with just how stunningly beautiful his bride is.

Do you think Kim has ever looked hotter?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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