Robin Thicke's Latest Move to Win Back Paula Patton Is His Lamest Yet

This is starting to get embarrassing. In yet another odd public effort to reconcile with estranged wife Paula Patton, "Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke is reportedly naming his new album Paula. He's not very subtle, is he? Tracks on the album, which comes out on July 1, include the incredibly literal "Get Her Back," which Thicke sang at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards after asking the audience to help him win Paula back.


Patton, who got together with Thicke when she was just 14, recently admitted he wasn't her first kiss but was her first "lots of other things" and that she has a deep love for him that will always exist. But sometimes love isn't enough to hold a marriage together, and the actress reportedly called it quits because Thicke couldn't keep himself from enjoying the attention of other women.

Assuming the cheating rumors are true, I don't blame Patton for not being in such a forgiving mood. Under normal circumstances, few would dispute the sweetness of a gesture like naming your album after a woman you love. What woman wouldn't want to be honored in this way?

But it's going to take a great deal more than this for Thicke to win back his wife's affections. Therapy, maybe? Perhaps a totally private gesture that is meant just for Paula and doesn't include himself, his fans, and the worldwide media?

Thicke might be sincere, and I'm sure he is. But he's going to profit from the sales of Paula. He profits every time an article is written about something he has done to try and win Patton back. For those reasons, he should reconsider the things he does in the name of saving his marriage. Bottom line: do it in private, Robin. This is beginning to feel icky.

What do you think of Thicke's decision to name his album after Paula Patton?


Image via Danny Moloshok/Reuters/Reuters/Corbis

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