Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Mess With Our Minds -- Again! (PHOTO)

I feel like such a complete doofus right now. I totally believed that Selena Gomez was done with Justin Bieber. We haven't seen them together in months, and supposedly Selena has cut off all ties with Justin -- not to mention Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who may have gotten a bit too close for comfort with the embattled pop star. But my GOD, people! It isn't over yet! On Wednesday, Justin posted an Instagram photo of Selena cradling his head, with the caption, "Our love is unconditional." ARGH!


Justin quickly deleted the photo -- because he realized it was oversharing or because he and Selena broke up again that day is hard to tell. But it didn't matter when you have millions of delusionally adoring fans who monitor your Instagram account like a fox guarding a hen house. Many shared the photo and soon it was all over the web.

Perhaps it's an old photo, but even so, what he wrote sounds current. Plus, you wouldn't post even an old photo like that unless there was something going on -- unless you're just psycho.

I think Selena and Justin are misinterpreting what "unconditional" love really is. Love should have conditions. Love should say, "I love you, but I have personal boundaries, and if you continually assault them, I will protect myself and leave. My integrity and esteem mean more to me than your idea of unconditional love, which seems to be you can do whatever you want, hurt me again and again, and I will take it."

That's not unconditional love, that's doormat love. That's Tori Spelling love.

Well, Selena, you may not be done with Bieber, but I am done with you. No more belieb-ing you have it together and can resist the pull of Bieber. Adios, Sel! I can't take the heartbreak anymore.

Can you believe they're still together?

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