Kim Kardashian Could Ultimately Ruin Kanye West's Career

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It’s hard to believe it, but it looks as though Kanye West is no longer rubbing elbows with the A-list and instead is now associating himself with downgraded reality stars and questionable Hollywood figures, all thanks to his wife, Kim Kardashian.


The couple is currently enjoying their second honeymoon in Mexico at a villa in Punta Mita owned by Kardashian family friend Joe Francis, of Girls Gone Wild fame. Yes, Kanye West -- who not too long ago wined and dined with couture royalty like Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli -- is now chilling out on a sun lounger that’s probably been previously used by convicted felon Joe Francis. Just the thought of Joe Francis touching anything gives me the automatic heebie jeebies!

It’s no wonder that Jay Z and Beyonce don’t want to be associated with Kanye and Kim anymore!

If this keeps up, Kanye might find himself in Real Housewives territory. Once you go that low, it’s hard to climb back up the celebrity ladder. While Kim’s marriage to Kanye really hasn’t helped her celebrity status much (Jay Z and Beyonce skipped their wedding and there were absolutely no A-list guests that attended, either), it seems like Kanye’s association with the Kardashians could be one huge downgrade for the megastar.

Fans are already having a hard time taking him seriously with his music ("Bound 2," anyone?), and the fashion world is making a mockery out of Kim and Kanye every chance they get. Sure, they were on the cover of Vogue, but it’s not like you see them hanging out with Naomi Campbell on a private yacht in the Mediterranean or hitting the streets of London with Kate Moss. Simply put, it looks like Kanye West’s A-list membership has been revoked. Man, that has to sting.

Going back to their second honeymoon, though, I’m still very much in shock that Kanye even agreed to spend a week in Mexico with the paparazzi available and in full view. With his power, fame, and fortune, you’d think they would go somewhere much more exclusive, like British billionaire Richard Branson’s private island or somewhere totally exotic like the Seychelles or Fiji. With that said, I’m almost feeling sorry for Kanye.

Do you think Kim is really hurting Kanye's career?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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