Lea Michele's New Rumored Boyfriend Is Not At All What We Expected

Lea MicheleIt's been almost a year since the death of Glee star Cory Monteith, and in that time, his girlfriend, Lea Michele, has continued filming Glee as well as come out with a solo album. I guess we all knew there would come a time when she got a boyfriend again -- life is for the living and no one expects her to remain loveless for the rest of her life. In fact, fans would want her to be happy. Buuuuut one has to wonder about this. According to TMZ, Lea's new boyfriend is a gigolo. That term could mean many things, but basically it is like a male escort. Could this be true??


Supposedly Lea has been dating Matthew Paetz for the past few months, though they are trying to keep it quiet. And apparently succeeded -- until now. But sources tell TMZ that Matthew is a working gigolo for an outfit called Cowboys4Angels, which is featured on the Showtime show Gigolos.

Apparently Matthew goes by the name Christian on the site -- and TMZ has pictures of his profile, which was recently taken down.

TMZ says Matthew was described as a "certified life coach, dating expert, and massage therapist" who charged ladies $350 an hour or $17,000 for the week for his expertise. (Wow, prices have come up since Pretty Woman.)

It also says Matthew is 6 feet, 3 inches, 195 pounds, and 29 years old. In one pic, he is shown jacked and dripping wet. Definitely worth the money.

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Well, perhaps Matthew IS just a massage therapist/dating expert, and, um, everything is totally clean and above board and nothing untoward ever happens with his clients, and, um, okay, I'm done writing that.

To each her own, I guess. TMZ said Matthew has stopped working since he met Lea. Which is good news for her, because he's expensive! (Har.)

What do you think about him?


Image via msleamichele/Instagram

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