Rob Kardashian May Be in More Trouble Than Anyone Knew

Rob KardashianIs Rob Kardashian in a lot more trouble than anyone realized? The family is keeping tight-lipped about Rob's issues, but everyone has assumed that Rob fled Kim's Italian wedding because he didn't want pictures taken of him while he's so overweight. That always seemed a bit strange though. Surely, he knew he was overweight before he left, and he must have guessed cameras would be at the wedding. But now a so-called friend told a tabloid the real reason he bailed -- and it supposedly is less about his weight and more about his drug usage!


The source spilled:

The reason he left Kim’s wedding wasn’t just that he was embarrassed to pose in photos. He only knows how to party to excess. He is so depressed and needs help.

Rumor has it that Rob has long been "doing heavy drugs" and just lies around his house "smoking weed, doing drugs, watching movies, and eating. He said he 'needed' the pills."

What pills? According to In Touch, Rob is a fan of Xanax, Norco, and Percocet. These are anxiety and pain relievers. But that's not all -- supposedly Rob is also addicted to Justin Bieber's former favorite cocktail, "Sizzurp," a disgusting-sounding blend of cough syrup and Sprite.

If any of this is true, he definitely needs professional help. Rob has an enormous amount of goodwill -- lots of people feel bad for him being the only male in a family full of famous female siblings. Not to mention being in a family that puts so much emphasis on looks. And duckfaces. I have never seen Rob do one duckface! Talk about not fitting in.

I think it would be great if he just takes off for awhile -- goes to Borneo or Timbuktu or something. Gets totally away from the Kardashian name and learns to build a life and identity of his own. It must be a lot of pressure growing up in this family.

He's still young and has plenty of time to turn things around, but he shouldn't take that as license to take his sweet time about it. We already know from KUWTK that his health is declining.

What do you think Rob should do?


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