Lena Dunham's Interpretive Dance to Sia Song Is ... Wow. Just Wow. (VIDEO)

Sia Lena DunhamThere is probably no point in questioning anything Lena Dunham does, right? Her entire persona is pretty much built around being provocative and unpredictable, so the fact that she donned a wig and performed an insanely awkward lip-syncing dance on Monday's Late Night With Seth Meyers isn't all that strange. I guess.

So can we talk about singer-songwriter Sia's creative direction for the piece, then? Because Dunham's interpretive dance accompanied Sia's musical performance of her hit "Chandelier," and while Dunham cavorted around the set, Sia never once looked up from where she lay face-down on a bunk bed.

The resulting video is ... well, it's weird. Very, very, VERY weird.


Let me start by acknowledging the fact that Sia has always been up front about her uneasy relationship with fame. In 2010, she was diagnosed with Graves' disease (an autoimmune disorder stemming from a hyperactive thyroid that leads to anxiety and fatigue, among other symptoms), she's battled addiction, and she's repeatedly refused interview requests. Her live appearances are rare, and during her recent performance on Ellen, she sang with her back to the audience.

I suppose Sia's incredibly unusual approach to pop stardom makes her a good match for Lena Dunham, who is an equally unlikely success in her own field. But two great tastes don't always taste great together, as evidenced by the result of their collaboration on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Check it out:

I am not overly fond of phrase "I cannot even," but you guys, I cannot even. What WAS that? If Sia was truly singing live the whole time from her face-down position, I am mightily impressed, but the rest of it was just ... well, it was terrible. Just terrible.

Not only terrible for the sake of its terribleness, but terrible because Dunham appeared to be miming Sia's official music video for the song, which features 12-year-old starlet Maddie Ziegler in a uniquely stunning modern dance performance. Have you seen it? It's extraordinary:

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Maybe the Dunham performance was a commentary on the fine line between strange beauty and uncomfortable creepiness? Maybe it was Sia's way of showing the critics of her video that modern dance really does require talent because otherwise it looks like whatever it was Dunham just did? Listen, I have no goddamned idea. All I know is Sia is insanely talented and "Chandelier" is a gorgeous song and I'm just going to focus on those things because the rest of it is just too bizarre.

What's your take on this Late Night performance? Is it supposed to be funny, or does it have a message, or, like, what is going on?

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