Kim Kardashian's Birthday Gift to Kanye Is Something She May Regret

kim kardashianThink what you want of Kim Kardashian, but the woman knows how to give a birthday gift. For her new husband's 37th birthday, Mrs. Kardashian-West had a man cave secretly designed and installed in their new home. Pretty sweet, right? "Kanye was and is floored with how thoughtful and creative [the gift] is and is obviously over the moon," a source said.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kim's bday gifts for Kanye. The reality star is also thinking of doing something cheaper, but much more elaborate (and permanent), for her man.

I'll give you one guess as to what Kim's other birthday present for Kanye might be ...


If you said "a tattoo," you get a sticker with Kris Jenner's face on it. According to sources, Kim is thinking of getting inked -- something she said she'd never do -- for her husband. "Getting a tattoo is something she said she would never do, but there has been talk about getting a symbol or some initials referring to her love for Kanye inked on her lower back or somewhere discreet," and insider said. "It would be something delicate, simple."

Whoa! I mean, a man cave is one thing -- throw a mini fridge, some iPod speakers, and a TV in a room and you're done -- but a tattoo? That's a seriously intense birthday gift, Kim! And, just saying, one you can't undo.

They may be annoying, but Kim and Kanye definitely sound like the real deal if Kim, who's completely obsessed with her appearance, is thinking of getting a permanent marker on her body as homage to Yeezy. Actually, it's kind of sweet. A word of advice, though: Don't get his name, Kim. I'm sure you guys will make it, but in the small chance that you don't, a heart is much easier to live with than someone's name.

Do you have any tattoos?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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