Jennifer Lopez Beats the Tight White Pants Off Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

jennifer lopez jimmy fallon pants

Who can pull off tight white pants better, Jennifer Lopez or Jimmy Fallon? The contest on Monday night was sadly, hilariously close, as Fallon sings: "I'm the only one in town with tight pants, I've got my tight pants, I've got my tight pants on, no one else around is wearing tight pants."

Nope, Fallon is not the only one around wearing tight pants, as JLow comes out, argues about her pants, and then gets in his face. "Listen up, you little b---h. You better hide your wife, you better hide your kids, because I will cut you! I will cut your father, I will cut your mother, I will scratch you. Don't make me take off my heels."

Hey, if dancing around in tight white pants with a striped shirt and bowl haircut makes her feel better about her recent breakup with Casper Smart, more power to her! Especially when that goofy outfit shows off her amazing abs. That was seriously all I could think about during this clip: ABS.


Check it out:

Heh. Heheheheh.

Sometimes it must be so awesome to be Jimmy Fallon. It's also really funny how no one recognizes JLo at first -- how could you in that outfit and wig? Though, like I already mentioned, she has an insanely bangin' body at 44. Eat your heart out, Casper. I would muffin-top the crap out of those tight pants.

Come on, there are worse ways to spend a few minutes of your day than watching a couple celebrities dance around in tight white pants. Thanks for the smiles, you two. Now on you go with the rest of your lives.

Do you think Jimmy Fallon or Jennifer Lopez should have won the pants dance-off?


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