Robert Pattinson's Bizarre Diet Is Enough to Make You Gag

Robert Pattinson

Dude. Apparently being one of the biggest movie stars out there doesn't guarantee a life of luxury all the time. Would you believe that while filming The Rover in the Australian outback, Robert Pattinson lived on white bread and barbecue sauce ... for weeks?!?

Yes, I said white bread. And barbecue sauce. As in we can probably go ahead and assume he made some sort of soggy sandwich out of the two. (Blech!)

When asked about his odd menu at Sydney's Town Hall on Sunday, Rob reportedly laughed about it and then gave even more insight into just how rough the conditions were.


As if sustaining on sauce and bread alone wasn't bad enough, Rob woke up each morning with "700 flies in the immediate vicinity." Please excuse me while I go take a hot shower because now I feel like I have bugs crawling all over my body.

Gah. It sounds like poor Rob really had a tough time Down Under, but you have to admit the fact that he doesn't seem the least bit bothered by what he had to endure makes him even sexier.

There's something so attractive about a man who isn't fussy and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty now and then. Plus, something about Rob being all Crocodile Dundee is just ... really freakin' hot.

Ok, so licking barbecue sauce off his fingers while attempting to swat away flies isn't the most appealing picture, but the thought of him being all manly is enough to get us a little worked up. For his sake, however, hopefully the cuisine will be a bit more palatable on the set of his next film. I'm sure he's probably craving some fresh condiments right about now.

Could you ever rough it like Rob for the sake of a movie?


Image via Brendon Thorne/The Rover -- Australian Premiere/Getty Images

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