Sandra Bullock's Stalker Breaks Into Her Home While She's Sleeping

Sandra BullockWhen you're a celebrity, it seems there is always someone trying to break into your house -- or succeeding. But usually the celebrity, world travelers that they are, isn't home. Not so with Sandra Bullock, who was reportedly home and sleeping, when suspect Joshua Corbett broke in. Bullock called 911 and Corbett was reportedly arrested while still on the premises!


But there might even be something scarier than a thief here at work and that might be a stalker.

TMZ reports that Bullock was granted a protective order against Corbett, who was arrested for burglary even though reportedly none of Bullock's property was found on him. TMZ says that she would have only been able to get a protective order if she could prove she had reason to fear him. Reportedly, Corbett may have been obsessed with Sandra and kept a diary about her.

I really can't imagine how frightening that must have been for her. She is a tough chick (I've met her and she does not strike me as the type who scares easily), but anyone would be terrified if you are sleeping and some stranger bursts into your home.

Unfortunately this is not her first time dealing with a stalker. She has long had a very determined stalker who has made her life hell -- and she had to sue Tennessee to get them to agree to let her know when he was released from a mental institution. That man's name was James Weldon -- obviously not this man. And in 2007, a woman who was obsessed with Sandra tried to run over her then-husband, Jesse James.

Poor Sandy might have someone else to worry about. Not only her but her son, Louis. No word on whether he was there too, but I imagine so. Terrifying!

Stardom seems nice in some ways but absolutely horrible in many others. This is one of those ways.

Would you want to be famous and risk getting stalked?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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