Kate Middleton’s New Summer Look Is Just the Makeover She Needed (PHOTO)

kate middletonHmm ... something's going on with Kate Middleton. No, I'm not talking about the possibility of her being pregnant with baby number two (though that would be amazing!). I'm talking about her look. She looks ... different. Dewier. Fresher. Like she just had a teeny-tiny makeover.

Perhaps it was her recent bare-butt photo scandal that told her it was time for a change, or maybe, with the weather warming up, she just wants a new look? Whatever it is, she looks fantastic. Check out the Duchess' new look. Hot!


kate middleton

Kate has definitely changed up her makeup for spring. Of course, she's got her signature kohl-rimmed eyes, but her cheeks and lips look less matte than usual. And her hair, though shiny as ever, looks a little shorter. Nothing crazy going on here, just some tweaks here and there to freshen up her look.

I love that Kate has never gone and done something drastic to her hair or overall style. It seems like, sometimes, celebrities feel pressure to change their appearance out of fear that their look is becoming boring to the public. What Kate has works for her and there's no need to change a thing. Except when that thing is a cheek gel instead of traditional blush and a little trim. That's definitely a good idea.

Looking good as usual, Kate! Now, where is that pregnancy announcement?

Do you like Kate's subtle beauty changes?


Images via Instagram/James Whatling/Splash News

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