Why Jennifer Lopez Bailed on the World Cup Opening Ceremony

Jennifer LopezWith only days to go before the kickoff of the World Cup, the Associated Press reports that singer Jennifer Lopez has pulled out of performing at the opening ceremonies in Brazil. Her official excuse: Unspecified "production issues."

Lopez was to perform the official song "We Are One (Ola Ola)" that she had recorded with rapper Pitbull and Brazilian star Claudia Leitte. Right now it's clear we are not one -- because one of them is outta there. Why did J-Lo decide to be a no-show? I've got a few theories.


7 Reasons J-Lo May Be Bailing on the World Cup

1. Bad Hair Week

Hey, we've all had them. Also, when accustomed to LA weather, the humidity of Sao Paulo can be a shock to the hair system. I personally wouldn't want my frizz seen by the estimated one billion people who will be tuning into the World Cup.

2. Expense

The World Cup will take place in 12 different cities, and the bill for infrastructure, new stadiums, and refurbishing old stadiums is astronomical. Maybe J-Lo just read that the World Cup is costing Brazil more than $11 billion and thinks she deserves at least a few billion of those bucks?

3. Sao Paulo Subway Strike

OK, true, it's not like J-Lo would be taking the underground public transport, but this is one more crazy issue that threatens to make the problems we saw in Sochi -- like stray dogs and not enough snow -- look like a cake walk.

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4. Travel

9,000 miles is a heck of a long way to go to perform for people who have already dissed your song. According to the New York Daily News, "The song has let down many Brazilians who complain that it sounds too generic for Bossa Nova-crazed audiences in Brazil and that it features foreign musicians singing mostly in English and Spanish. Leitte sings only a few seconds at the end of the song in her native Portuguese."

5. Breakup Blues

J-Lo recently split with Casper Smart, her 27-year-old dancer/choreographer boyfriend of two and a half years. Although he's hitting the road, he's hitting the streets with lots of boy toys J-Lo bought him. According to TMZ, "Casper gets to keep two motorcycles, a jeep, and a Dodge Ram truck."

6. Diva Attack

Of course, this is probably the real reason. Maybe she'll be watching the opening ceremonies at home in fuzzy slippers eating chips like the rest of America? Unless the diva decides to Instagram it, the world will never know.

7. Couldn't Find a Babysitter

Been there, sister.

Are you disappointed J-Lo won't be performing at the World Cup? Why do you think she bailed?

Written for The Stir by Susie Felber who is actually super psyched for the soccer matches.


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