Sir Mix-A-Lot & Seattle Symphony Do 'Baby Got Back,' Awesomeness Ensues (VIDEO)

NO ONE saw this coming back in the '90s. Sir Mix-A-Lot, a man responsible for making thousands of women appreciate their ample bums, has taken his huge hit, "Baby Got Back," and added a little classical flair to it. Yep, you heard that right: the rapper teamed up with an unlikely backing band at the Sonic Evolution event in Seattle -- the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

The orchestral score was composed by Gabriel Prokofiev, who says he wanted to interpret Mix-A-Lot's tune so that he could get inside his "musical mind" and understand what made his unique song click. And the result is nothing short of stupendous.


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Perhaps you're expecting these serious, professional musicians to roll their eyes throughout the concert and dread every moment that they're being forced to perform anything other than classical pieces.

Oh, wrong you are. You can tell they're having a blast -- and a few folks aren't shy when it comes to shaking their "big butts" for the sake of art.

LOVE this rendition of the song and love that it hasn't left our collective conscience after so many years. Let's sing it together: "Silicone parts are made for toys!"

The original video of this song is kind of long; we cut it a bit so that it starts at the song. Enjoy!

What do you think of Sir Mix-A-Lot's collaboration with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra?


Image via MITO SettembreMusica/Flickr

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