Tracy Morgan Critically Injured in Fatal Car Crash

30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan is reportedly critically injured and in intensive care after he was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike last night. The comedian was traveling from Delaware in a limo bus after a scheduled stand-up event at a casino when his vehicle overturned, killing at least one person and seriously injuring several more.


The accident was reportedly caused by two tractor trailers that came up upon slow-moving traffic. Police say one of the trailers may have hit the limo bus in the rear, causing it to overturn. In total, six vehicles were involved, three people -- including the former Saturday Night Live star -- were critically hurt, and one person is in fair condition. 

Morgan was rushed to Robert Wood Medical Center, where he is being treated.

The actor was a cast member on SNL from 1996 until 2003. He has four children, including a baby girl who is turning 1 next month. This is a developing story and we don't have more details on his condition after what sounds like a horrifying accident, but we'll keep you posted.

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Image via Edward Le Poulin/Corbis


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