Why Bethenny Frankel Wins This Round in Her Crazy Divorce Battle (VIDEO)

bethenny Frankel

In today's exclusive episode, I break down this week's reporting over Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's ongoing divorce drama. Why aren't the records sealed and why is this playing out in the media? Also, continuing to branch out into new shows you've told me to watch, I dove into MTV's Catfish, and what I found was surprising ...



I've wondered, prior to watching, why Catfish has so many viewers. Of course, I jumped in with "Tracie and Sammie" (season 3, episode 5), an episode outside their normal programming, but it was FASCINATING. A celebrity comes face-to-face with someone who was stalking her on the Internet. I couldn't look away, and in today's video, I break down what that's like, as well as deconstructing the show, its style of shooting, and what likely goes on behind the scenes.

Also today, every infotainment and gossip TV show and website has been reporting on the latest chapter in the Bethenny and Jason breakup. This week, they settled the custody part of their split, which can only be a good thing. In the video below, I talk about why the timing of this announcement is very strategic. Watch now! And if I haven't covered your favorite show or star yet, tell me in the comments ...

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Image via Ben Gabbe/Getty and MTV.com

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