Jennifer Lopez's Behavior After Casper Smart Split Is Totally Unexpected

jennifer lopez casper smartTwo and a half years after they started dating, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have broken up. The couple, who met when Casper was a back-up dancer for JLo, claim their split is an amicable one, and apparently their decision to go separate ways "started a few months ago." A source close to Lopez blames their careers, which are going in opposite directions, for the breakup. But other, more salacious rumors are saying that Casper was recently caught flirting with "two pretty transsexuals" online. Personally, I kind of like a combo of the two excuses: Casper's new career is flirting with pretty transsexuals online. 

Anyhoo! Regardless of the cause of their demise, two things are fairly certain here: One, I think we're all a little shocked that JLo and Casper lasted as long as they did. And two, JLo really doesn't seem to be upset over the breakup at all.


Jennifer Lopez attended a party on Wednesday to celebrate her first-ever concert in her hometown of the Bronx. In all the snaps from the soiree, JLo looks happier than if she was just told the official world dress code is now pink Juicy Couture sweatsuits and slicked back hair. The stunning 44-year-old was seen partying with numerous hotties, including rapper T.I. as well as Khloe Kardashian, and her mother and sister. Casper was nowhere to be seen.

It's sad that this couple couldn't make things last, but it sounds like going their separate ways is what's best for everyone. And I think one assumption is safe to make: JLo likely won't be single for long. Not only has the pop star been married three times, she's willingly admitted to not enjoying "being alone." Wonder who the next lucky fella will be? I say she goes for someone older, wiser, and established. Casper was cute and all, but clearly he couldn't handle Miss Lopez.

Who do you think JLo should date next?


Image via Instagram

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