Carrie Underwood's Love for Keith Urban Shouldn't Worry Nicole Kidman

Carrie UnderwoodNicole Kidman may want to keep a keen eye on country superstar Carrie Underwood. The singer admitted to Us Weekly at the CMT Awards that she thinks Keith Urban is the hunkiest male country singer out there. Nicole will be just fine, though, since the 31-year-old gushed that no one, country music singer or not, is hotter than her own hubs Mike Fisher.

Awww! Can you feel the love? Just wait until you hear what it is that she likes about Urban that puts him above other country hotties like Luke Bryan (swoon!), Blake Shelton (fanning self), and Dierks Bentley (*weak in the knees*).


When Carrie was asked for her sexiest pick in the genre, she of course had to gush about her hockey player husband. Flustered, she said, "Oh goodness! Well, my husband is the sexiest man I know of, and he listens to a lot of country music, and he knows the words to more country songs than I do. Does that count? I mean, Mike really is the sexiest to me."

She continued, "I guess, if I had to say a country star, then let me think ... Hmm ... maybe Keith Urban? I don't mean that in a flirtatious way." Of course not, Carrie, of course not.

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I think she was actually pretty serious about not being flirty. She explained her reasoning, saying he is "just so talented and so good with a guitar," and also, "[He is] so in love with his wife ... and, well, that's sexy."

So much to love about that! It's true, the couple from Down Under seem ridiculously in love. Nicole even recently said that she'd quit acting "no question" if her hubby wanted her to. The 46-year-olds have two daughters together, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, 5, and Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, 3.

Carrie and Mike don't have kids (yet), but they do share the adorableness factor. One source who was at the show Wednesday night said they witnessed Fisher "gently fixing his wife's hair backstage." The country powerhouse had just won her third consecutive Video of the Year award.

These are the kinds of celebrity couples who make you believe in love again.

Who do you think the hottest country music star is?


Image via Carrie Underwood/Instagram

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