Kim Kardashian May Have Changed Her Name for Most Unromantic Reason Ever

kim kardashianIt looks as though Kim Kardashian is officially a West now. After having kept her name during her last two marriages, the reality television star decided to change her last name. The reason for the switch? It's not because she is so in love. 


There's been speculation for quite some time now that Kanye West has been wanting to "rebrand" Kim into a high-fashion, European-trotting socialite while leaving her reality television crown behind. It's been no secret that Kanye has been changing everything in Kim's life, from her wardrobe and her style to her hair color and her new friends. 

So it only makes sense that Kim would also take Kanye's name too, right? With her new name, this could mean that Kim's transformation might soon be completed as Kanye slowly pushes her reality television persona into the past and she becomes a figure in the Paris couture inner circle instead. And from what we can tell, whatever Kanye wants, he gets.

According to Kim's mother Kris Jenner though, while Kim did officially take her new husband's name, she didn't necessarily drop her own one in the process, either. 

"Kim Kardashian West," Kris told Today. In fact, the new bride recently revealed her new signature. Regardless of the reason, we can't help but feel glad that Kim decided to take on Kanye's last name. "Kim K West" has a nice ring to it.

Tell us, what do you think of Kim's new name?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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