Man's 'Wheel of Fortune' Guess Is So Bad It Goes Viral (VIDEO)

wheel of fortune guess

It seems that funny and/or cringe-worthy clips from game shows are all the rage lately, making the Internet rounds recently, doesn't it? From a terrifying Family Feud fail to the best guess EVER on Wheel of Fortune, these are all rather entertaining, even if you forget about them the next day. So feast your eyes on the latest: You saw the best guess ever on Wheel of Fortune, now here is the WORST.

Okay, maybe not the ultimate worst, but still, it's worth the few seconds to watch.

So the category was "song lyrics," and the board popped up individually letters until it eventually said: "S_RF C_ _Y _ERE WE COME."

Just wait until you hear what one of the poor contestants guessed.


Check it out:

Surf clay where we go,” the contestant, Stephen, blurted out.

Pat Sajak’s amazing response? “Uhh ... no.”

Of course the real answer was "Surf city here we come," much to Stephen's obvious embarrassment. Because clearly "come" is not the same word nor does it have the same amount of letters as "go." Though at least he can walk away with his 15 minutes of YouTube fame. Seriously, you can't blame any person for getting on national television and cracking under the pressure, but that still doesn't mean their blunder won't live on the Internet forever and ever and ever. He joins an elite group of amusing game show contestants on YouTube, that is for sure!

So thanks for the entertainment, Stephen! Far worse things are going on in the world right now, so a trivial, funny escape like this is always quite welcome.

Is this the worst guess you've ever seen on Wheel of Fortune?


Image via NewsInYou/YouTube

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