Tori Spelling Is Covering Up a Huge Secret About Dean McDermott

Tori SpellingTori Spelling's show True Tori came across as spectacularly and uncomfortably honest, but if a new report is to be believed, it is anything but. The show centered around the fact that Dean McDermott cheated on his wife with one woman over two nights. But RadarOnline claims that the number is really much higher than that. Supposedly Dean cheated with "at least five other women." At least!


This is certainly something many (including myself) have suspected. Dean blames his drinking for his cheating, and he's been drinking throughout the marriage. What were the odds he was going to wait eight years and then, without any particular impetus, suddenly cheat with a woman he didn't know?

Although Dean tried to claim sex poverty, it came out that he and Tori were regularly having sex. This is just a guy who likes to cheat, or feels compelled to do it, or something. So the odds were pretty good that Emily Goodhand -- if she exists -- wasn't the only one.

Tori seemed to sense this too. In fact, the one question she refused to ask him was whether there had been other women. She said she didn't want to hear the answer -- because if he admitted there had been, she would have to leave him. But what woman wouldn't ask this question?!

Well, if RadarOnline is to be believed, not only did Dean cheat multiple times, but Tori knew about it. A source says:

Dean had told her months ago, while in rehab that he had been with at least five other women. It had to be addressed and dealt with or else the marriage didn’t stand a chance.

But how was it dealt with? Not on the show it wasn't. The show dealt with one encounter, not multiple. Tori would say things like, "We can't let one huge mistake define us." But apparently it was numerous huge mistakes.

Also, apparently Dean took it even further than that. Supposedly Dean admitted he hadn't even used protection in all of these sex binges. Says the source:

Dean admitted to not always using protection during the encounters. It’s the ultimate betrayal for Tori and she probably won’t be able to ever forgive him for that. It’s one thing to cheat, but another to have unprotected sex.

So not only do we have a chronic cheater, a chronic liar, but someone who, frankly, just doesn't give a shit. Doesn't give a shit if he gives his wife a venereal disease. Doesn't give a shit if he impregnates another woman -- or many.

The show dealt with none of this. Tori's acute pain was obvious during the show, but if it's true that there was so much more going on that the audience didn't know about, then it wasn't honest pain. The show tried to portray a couple who were in love, loyal, and dedicated and that ONE MISTAKE tripped them up. THIS IS NOT ONE MISTAKE. This is someone who has deeply entrenched issues that are rather unlikely to go away.

What Tori does with her life is her business, but presenting Dean as a loving man who just fell prey to temptation one time isn't remotely real if he's been cheating for at least half the marriage.

No wonder Tori desperately keeps cameras around -- I think the reality of being alone with Dean would probably crush her otherwise. And perhaps this is exactly what needs to happen for her to get out and get healthy.

Tori probably thinks since Dean is confessing to so much bad behavior that he deserves points for that. In reality, he's scared that he might say, "No there were no others," and then others come forward. He has no choice but to tell the truth -- or at least a little of it. Guys like this always have more secrets, more lies.

Even if Dean never even looks at another woman for the rest of his life, how on Earth do you trust a man like this or have one moment's peace?

Do you think she should stay with him if this is true? Would you?


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