Robert Pattinson Steps Out Looking NOTHING Like Himself (PHOTO)

Robert Pattinson

If you thought he looked hotter than ever while attending the Cannes Film Festival, wait until you catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson arriving in Sydney for the Australian premiere of The Rover at the Sydney Film Festival.

You guys? He's somehow managed to achieve a level of sexy we never thought was possible. It's obvious that he's in the midst of some sort of transformation in his life right now.

In addition to being unable to resist cracking a smile, Rob did something he's rarely caught doing ... like ever.


He wore something colorful as opposed to his usual monotone uniform.

Robert Pattinson

Um, how amazing does that yellow shirt look against his tan skin? Apparently he's been enjoying a little down time in the sun recently, because he's lost all traces of his pasty vampire-ish look.

And OMG, the shades, the tiny bit of scruff, and the messy yet still handsome as hell hair just make me wanna ... I'll shut up now.

Oh, and if the rumors about Rob being the new Indiana Jones are true, it's plain to see from this photo that he more than looks the part. Wouldn't you love to have him rescue you from a snake pit or whatever? 

Though we can't be sure what's made him come out of his shell a little bit more, let's just hope he continues to reinvent himself. He's honestly never looked better.

Do you prefer this new, more vibrant version of Rob, or his former grungy self?


Images via Splash

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