50 Cent's Latest Excuse for the Worst Pitch Ever Is Shockingly Unbelievable

50 CentHave you yet enjoyed the hilarity that is rapper 50 Cent's ceremonial first pitch at the New York Mets vs. Pittsburgh game last week? It was awful. Truly awful in a way that you'd never expect a big tough, confident guy like Fiddy to be.

Thankfully he seems to be a really good sport about it, continuing to make self-depricating jokes about how bad it was. Right after, he even posted to Instagram, "I'm a hustler not a Damn ball player. LMAO." But his latest excuse is the most shocking one yet.


50 participated in a Reddit AMA session with fans on Wednesday, and upon being asked why the pitch was so bad, he responded with, "I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation so take it easy lol." 

Aggghhhh! I can't believe he said that!

I have to admit, I liked his excuse on Good Morning America last Friday better. He said "it was Curtis" who threw the ball, and not him. For the uninitiated, 50's real name is Curtis Jackson. He continued, "See I was trying to get Curtis to be more like 50 Cent. 50 Cent is a star and Curtis just does things for no reason."

In my humble opinion, we should all have an alter-ego to blame embarrassingly public snafus on.

Of course there are those who say the whole thing was a publicity stunt for his upcoming album Animal Ambition. He of course insisted with a smile, "Oh no, it slipped! It slipped out of my hand."

I don't know ... I've never given much thought to 50's music before, but after this fiasco and his good-natured humor over the whole thing, I find myself inclined to want to check it out.

I'll just have to try to forget about the whole masturbation comment.

Do you think 50 Cent went too far with his latest remarks on why his pitch was so awful?


Image via 50 Cent/Instagram

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