Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Divorce Rumors Rage On

Faith Hill and Tim McGrawFaith Hill and Tim McGraw are splitting, or so say reports once again. However, no matter how many times a story is printed -- or reprinted -- that doesn’t necessarily make it true. 

In a recent issue of Star magazine, the tabloid’s cover blares the headline “Faith & Tim: Marriage From Hell” with an insider detail about their “$135 million divorce.” The only problem: The magazine promoted an almost identical story -- with the same dollar amount for the divorce -- back in December, Gossip Cop points out.

Star’s sensational allegations include claims of Tim’s boozing, explosive fights, and Faith being a “controlling psycho.”


A "pal" tells Star:

Faith has done everything she can to totally take over just about every aspect of Tim’s life. She’s isolated him from his closest friends, alienated his longtime fans, and taken charge of all their money. I think Tim’s been at the breaking point for some time.

Reps for the country superstars have refuted the report, and the couple -- who have been married for 17 years and have three daughters together -- slammed divorce rumors back in November. “I wish people would stop buying that stuff, and I wish they’d just stop printing that stuff,” Hill told reporters at the time. “Happy is good. I don’t know why happy can’t be a story.”

Happy is good, agreed. But sadly it’s rarely a story. When is the last time you saw a tabloid cover with a headline like, “Brad & Angelina: Why We Love to Watch Movies at Home”? Never. Clearly, people are fascinated with the demise of famous couples because life just can’t be that perfect, can it?

Of course, relationships are complicated and sometimes flawed -- and celebrity romance is no exception. But do tabloids think we’re all that gullible that we’re going to believe the same rehashed story six months after printing it the first time? Apparently, yes. After all, tabloids wouldn’t exist if people weren’t fascinated by the sordid tales of celebrities.

And McGraw pointed out that these kind of dramatic split stories are nothing new. He joked to reporters in November that they began “since the first week we were married.” Seventeen years of marriage later, who do you think is having the last laugh?

How much of what you read in tabloids do you believe is true? Do you think there's any truth to the rumors about Tim and Faith?

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