Kate Middleton’s 'Insensitive' Behavior Angers Hollywood

kate middletonDespite her glorious bum, Kate Middleton has pissed off a lot of people. The Duchess recently took her shiny locks to the Dorchester Hotel in London, which currently is in hot water, due to the fact that its owner, the Sultan of Brunei, recently passed strict anti-gay laws in his country. Celebs across the globe, from Anna Wintour to Stella McCartney, are boycotting the famous British hot spot, because, well, ew. But not Kate. And people aren't happy.


Kate reportedly snuck into the hotel on Friday via the building's underground parking garage in a blacked-out people carrier, accompanied by about nine police protection officers. She met her parents, Carole and Michael, brother James, and sister Pippa there for the wedding of her first cousin, Adam Middleton. After news broke that the Duchess broke the Hollywood code, people took to, where else, the Internet to express their outrage. "How can anyone go to The Dorchester knowing it is owned by a man who has brought stoning to Brunei?" Maryam Namazie, founder of the Council for Ex-Muslims, told HuffPost UK. "It's particularly offensive when it is done by those in the public eye like the Duchess of Cambridge, who should be setting an example rather than ignoring."

Of course what the Sultan of Brunei has done is disgusting, but Kate was put in a really tricky spot here. It was the wedding of one of her first cousins. If she didn't go, she wouldn't have been supporting him. I have no doubt that Kate objects to the sultan's beliefs, and I don't think she was supporting him by attending the biggest day of one of her close family members' lives. If she went to the Dorchester on a random date night with Wills, it would be a little gross, but I don't think she should be vilified for attending a wedding. 

She may be royal, but she's still got family obligations.

Do you think Kate was wrong to go to the Dorchester?


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