Robert Pattinson as 'Indiana Jones'? Yes, Please!

Robert Pattinson

Make sure you're sitting down, because what I'm about to tell you will make you want to jump up and down and cheer, which is way more exciting if you're actually seated first.

According to a new report in The Sun, Robert Pattinson might be the new Indiana Jones. He's supposedly at the top of the list as far as who Disney bosses are interested in to take over Harrison Ford's famous role. 

OMG. I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about this possibly happening.


The report reads, "Producers have asked their casting department for a top 10 list of potential Indies, who must have wide-ranging appeal. Insiders say they hope to reboot the franchise with two quick films in succession, so would need a three-year commitment from their leading man."

Did you hear that? A three-year commitment. Hmm. Rob is definitely no stranger to that kind of a workload, which makes him a total shoo-in for the part, don't you think?

And he definitely has the rugged good looks thing going on, so physically he's absolutely perfect for the job.

But let's cut to the chase -- who else thinks being the new Indiana Jones is quite possibly the best thing that could happen to Rob's career? He's been trying like hell to shed the Edward Cullen association since the Twilight Saga ended. Transitioning into another iconic role is a great way to ensure fans see him in an entirely different light.

I don't wanna get my hopes up about this, but I can't lie -- I have the Indiana Jones theme song running through my head and I'm already picturing Rob trying to outrun a huge boulder. (Please, please let this be true!)

Do you think Rob would make a good Indiana Jones?


Image via Gareth Cattermole/Getty

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