Brad Pitt Wasn't Punched at 'Maleficent' Premiere -- It Was Much Worse!

BRad Pitt Angelina JolieWhen Brad Pitt got assaulted at a premiere of Maleficent by a prankster, everyone was like, "Who is this crazy dude? And how does he keep getting close to celebrities?" The weirdo, a Ukrainian ex-journalist named Vitalii Sediuk, had already pulled a series of not-funny pranks, including sticking his nose up America Ferrera's dress and trying to kiss Will Smith on the mouth. Now Brad has spoken out about what really happened with this wackjob -- and it's even worse than we originally thought!


Brad told People magazine:

I was at the end of the line signing autographs, when out the corner of my eye, I saw someone stage-diving over the barrier at me. I took a step back; this guy had latched onto my lapels. I looked down and the nutter was trying to bury his face in my crotch, so I cracked him twice in the back of the head -- not too hard -- but enough to get his attention, because he did let go. I think he was then just grabbing for a hand hold because the guys were on him, and he reached up and caught my glasses.

Unbelievable! Original reports said the guy had punched Brad, which was bad enough, but the "nutter," as Brad accurately depicts him, was actually trying to stick his face in Brad's crotch.

I mean, look, you can't blame the guy for doing what we all want to do -- but seriously, you don't do it!

Brad also promised:

He should know, if he tries to look up a woman's dress again, he's going to get stomped.

Oooh. Listening to Brad Pitt threaten some crazy dude is so hot.

As for the nutter, he nuttily defended himself, saying:

I am a different guy who thinks differently and has this entertainment spirit that probably people in Hollywood never experienced before. It’s something different, controversial, extraordinary and it’s hard to explain.

Huh? This dude actually believes he's doing something "extraordinary." Perhaps he thinks the cure for cancer is up America Ferrera's dress. Clue, moron: It's NOT.

Now that I've heard what he really did to Brad, I realize how truly restrained he was with him. Two cracks on the head was less than he deserved for trying to get near Angelina's private jewels!

Strangely, this guy keeps getting red carpet passes when many other legit and fine journalists should be getting them (cough). Brad, I promise I won't try to stick my face in your crotch. But I will continue to admire it respectfully from afar.

Can you believe this guy?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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