Tori Spelling Won't Confront Dean About the One Thing She Needs to Know

Tori SpellingOh, Tori, Tori, Tori ... I just don't know what to say anymore. Tori's docuseries about her marriage, True Tori, was a heartwrenching glimpse into her marital breakdown. The show ended with the two vowing to work on their marriage -- but still having quite a few issues. Tomorrow a reunion special promises to answer a few leftover questions, and one of them is one I was thinking the entire time: Was this the only woman Dean cheated with? I mean, seems unlikely. He really just woke up one day eight years into the marriage and suddenly decided to cheat?


On a preview of the reunion special, Brooke Anderson asks Tori this very question. Was the ephemeral Emily Goodhand the only one Dean ever cheated with? And why, oh why, did Tori never ask this very urgent question? Here's Tori's answer:

I was afraid ... I feel like there's no good answer. I feel like if he says, "No there weren't," I don't know if I can believe him and trust that that's true. If he says some number, says there's others, I feel like that makes my decision for me and I have to leave ... that was one way to protect myself, to not ask.

YIKES! After all that therapy, all that soul-searching, all those tears and tantrums -- Tori admits she doesn't really want to know the truth. Yes, because there is a difference between a one-off and a chronic cheater. THERE IS.

But Tori saying she doesn't want to know -- that's just kind of absurd. What she's essentially saying is, one time I can forgive, but multiple times I can't -- and because I want to forgive, I can't know about those other times.

Which essentially means you haven't forgiven. Because what you've forgiven isn't real.

Hey, I get it. Tori wants to keep her family together, and she's got four kids, and they need their dad. And she still loves Dean and wants to make it work, and it's difficult enough thinking about one other woman, let alone one hundred.

But you're dealing with a different set of issues entirely when you're working to get to the bottom of WHY DEAN CHEATED when you're talking about one weak/stupid/immature/horny moment versus a bunch of them! Maybe, oh, every single time Tori wasn't around.

That is someone who is NOT going to change. That is someone you NEED to get away from.

Why wouldn't you WANT to know if you need to leave so you can start on it today and not wait until you're an old woman?

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Why do all of this work when heartbreak might be just around the corner again? Because a chronic cheater will probably not change. And if he IS going to change, then he needs to be in therapy discussing his CHRONIC CHEATING, NOT HIS ONE-NIGHT STAND.

Arrrgh. Tori, Tori, Tori.


What do you think about what Tori says? Does she need to know?


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