Emily Maynard's Music Video Sounds Too Good to Be True (PHOTO)

emily maynard instagramSince "graduating" from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard hasn't really done much in the way of show biz ... until NOW, it seems! The engaged mama posted an adorable photo with her daughter Ricki, and it looks like her girl was giving her a seriously '80s-inspired makeup job, complete with matte, hot pink lipstick!

The occasion? Well, the caption on her pic may offer a clue: "Getting my makeup done for our music video." What?! Em's starring in a music video? Since when?

Check out the pic ...


Judging from the copious amounts of bright blush and streak of dark brown shadow, it's quite possible that she's starring in a music video for a New Wave group circa 1984. OR ... she and Ricki were just playing dress-up and having some good, ol' fashioned mother-daughter fun. I'm gonna venture it's the latter, but hey, you never know with these reality stars!

What we do know, though? That anything Em starred in -- music video, TV show, or even movie -- would be a surefire hit. Of course, she likely has her hands full right now with a wedding and possibly even having another kiddo, but she's far too beloved a reality star to remain off-screen!

Would you love to see Emily Maynard in a music video -- or just back on TV?


Image via Emily Maynard/Instagram

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