Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Went Downhill Right After the Ceremony

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is back in Los Angeles after her European wedding and honeymoon -- and anyone else getting the feeling she probably kissed the ground upon arrival? Anyone who remembers how much Kim complained about New York City when she filmed KUWTK there is probably wondering how she managed trekking around Ireland and Prague -- both of which were rainy. Granted, she wasn't exactly roughing it -- but this is rough for Kim. Well, wonder no more, it's confirmed: Kim HATED her honeymoon!


Sources told the Daily Mail Online that Kim and Kanye were seen around Europe looking glum -- not even smiling or showing affection. And "insiders" are claiming that Kim was NOT thrilled to be traipsing around dreary Prague and the misty Irish countryside and would have preferred something more glam. (Hello? How could Kanye not know this?)

But because the K family had a connection to Ireland -- Kris and Bruce honeymooned there -- off to the Emerald Isle Kimye went. But no sooner had they arrived than Kim was supposedly begging hubster to fly home early. Reportedly, she moaned:

But I've already seen Dublin. Can’t we just fly back to the continent!?

A source tattled:

How the couple ended up in gloomy Port Laoise is a mystery to me. It consists of flat midlands, working class villages, and very little to write home about in the way of touristy sights.

Weird, eh? Maybe this is why Kimye ended up going to two movies on their Irish honeymoon.

The source continued that once Kim got to Prague, where she could dress up and shop, she "seemed more content." But it rained in Prague, and surely that wasn't much fun.

Oh well, perhaps Kimye conceived a sibling for North West. This time, Kanye can say that he/she was conceived amongst the golden city of spires. Or maybe amongst the inebriated Guinness-smelling and fish-n-chips-scarfing locals of Port Laoise.

Do you think Kim hated her honeymoon?

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