'Bachelorette' Contestant Responds to Gay Rumors in the Only Way He Could

tasos hernandezStraight men don't like people to question their sexuality. That's nothing new. If they like women, they assume that that is the vibe they give off. Apparently, that is not the case for Bachelorette contestant Tasos Hernandez. In fact, a tabloid is claiming to have "evidence" that he is gay and Tasos is finally responding to the rumors.


An In Touch headline claimed, "Andi's Guy Caught in Gay Scandal." The story includes quotes from an anonymous source stating that he is actually out among his friends.

His castmates aren't buying it though. JJ O'Brien even tweeted about it, along with a joke.

Tasos' response?

@mrjjobrien sorry. Didn't mean to offend. Really love In Touch's accurate & verifiable information. Quality magazine I tell ya. #sarcasm.

Perfectly said, don't you think? It's great to see that they aren't taking this too seriously. Hopefully Andi brushes it off as well. At this stage, she is laser focused on finding a man who is there "for the right reasons." If she thought Tasos was gay (and therefore not interested in ultimately marrying her), he would be gone in a heartbeat.

However, that is not the only major issue with what happened to Tasos. This brings up the question of whether it is appropriate for a publication to "out" someone who has not publicly declared that he or she is gay. It just seems a bit unethical.

Check out Tasos in the interview below:

What do you think of how Tasos handled these rumors?

Image via ABC

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