Joe Giudice Is Throwing Away His Last Days as a Free Man

joe giudice

It's hard to feel sorry for Joe and Teresa Giudice. Boorish, arrogant, and downright nasty, they were arguably the most insufferable of all The Real Housewives of New Jersey couples. But their current situation does merit a little bit of sympathy. It looks like Joe Giudice will be headed to prison soon and how he is spending his last moments as a free man is just plain sad.


Radar Online is reporting that Joe has been drinking his worries away. He was recently spotted at a New York nightclub looking a hot mess. “He was clearly bombed,” the source said. “His face was red, and though he was wearing a suit, he looked disheveled.”

Poor guy. We can't blame him for being down. After pleading guilty to nine counts of mail, wire, bank, and bankruptcy fraud, he is facing 46 months behind bars. Not only that, word is he could be deported back to Italy. Still, we are surprised he isn't surrounding himself with his friends and family. Those are the people who love him and will get him through this devastating turn.

Sentencing will reportedly take place on July 8. At that point, he will learn just how much time he will have to spend in prison. It's been hard on their entire family -- especially the kids. An extended teaser of the new season shows the impact it's having and it's tough to watch. You never want to see kids suffer and they clearly are.

Take a look at the drama that will unfold this season:

Do you feel sorry for Joe and Teresa?


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