Kim Kardashian Returns Home From Honeymoon Without Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been married for just a little over a week, which means: it's time for the world to come up with reasons why their union has already surely crumbled and they're headed for divorce court.

After spending their honeymoon in Ireland and following that up in Prague at a friend's wedding, where they were photographed smooching each other's faces off, Kim arrived home at Los Angeles without Kanye. And, obviously, that spells trouble in paradise, right?


The 33-year-old looked her natural, fetching self dressed in a low-cut black top, leggings, and heels. But she obviously wasn't trying to impress her new hubby, who was nowhere to be found at the airport. Further complicating matters is the fact that Kim reportedly didn't love Ireland during their stay and the two engaged in non-traditional honeymoon activities, like going to see a movie.

All of which, again, equals splitsville. Because how many honeymooning couples actually go to the movie theater? And if you are going to see a movie, it clearly means you're not having sex. Or erecting insanely elaborate floral walls for your significant other.

But I'm getting off-topic here. So Kanye didn't travel home with Kim -- so what?! They spent a few incredibly romantic weeks together doing little else but celebrating their union and love. At what point is it deemed safe for one partner to go back to work or do whatever it is he or she did before their wedding ceremony? Some of our spouses travel 30 minutes by train to get to their jobs. Kanye sometimes has to travel as far as Australia to do his job. Separation is simply a way of life for this couple.

I'm sure Kim is used to being apart from Kanye and vice versa. And if their relationship is strong enough, they'll be able to survive being away from each other for a few days. So again: no big deal.

Do you think the fact that Kim returned home alone from her honeymoon week means her marriage with Kanye is doomed?


Image via Instagram

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