Ashley Greene's Makeup-Free Selfie Can't Be for Real (PHOTO)

We know Twilight's Ashley Greene is a gorgeous girl. She was blessed with the kind of strong facial features that stand on their own and are only enhanced by cosmetics. So it was only a matter of time before she realized that she, too, should get on board the celeb makeup-free selfie choo-choo train and show the world what she's got under that foundation, lipstick, and mascara.

And, let me tell you, judging by the photo Ash shared on her Instagram recently, the lady needn't spend another penny of her hard-earned money at Sephora. Without makeup -- and I mean, truly without makeup -- Ashley is a vision. But call me suspicious because something still seems a


So, here's the photo Ashley shared on Saturday morning, alongside her buddy, Joseph Chase, whose 30th birthday she was celebrating (um, with a sleepover party, I guess?) Anyway, here it is:


All I have to say is: holy cheekbones! It's clear Ashley isn't wearing a stitch of makeup -- no eyeshadow, lip gloss, blush, or even mascara -- which lots of celebrities tend to sport in their so-called makeup-free pics. But am I crazy to question how on earth her skin -- and Joseph's, for that matter -- can be nearly the same exact golden hue and how her nose just sort of blends into her face? Filter, anyone?

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Not that there's anything wrong with filters -- filter away! But is it fair to call this a true makeup-free selfie if your skin has been digitally airbrushed?

Then again, maybe she truly is this perfect. Maybe she's actually a vampire. I was really close to giving Ashley my imaginary award for makeup-free selfie of the year, but I think that honor is still going to have to go to Zooey Deschanel until y'all weigh in on whether you think Ashley produced this glorious pic without any help.

Do you think Ashley's makeup-free selfie is the real deal?


Image via Instagram

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