Lea Michele Started Drinking Young -- We're Talking the Toddler Years (VIDEO)

Lea MicheleLea Michele was on Chelsea Lately Thursday night in part to promote her new book, Brunette Ambition, when host Chelsea Handler asked her expand upon something she'd touched on in the memoir. It seems that the Glee actress has been drinking alcohol since she was a toddler!

"It makes me seem crazy!" she acknowledged. "I'm Italian, so it was like, at the dinner table it would be Pellegrino, a jug of soda, and a huge thing of wine. So, everyone was just drinking wine, like it was part of, like, you know, what you would have along with your dinner."


The 27-year-old triple threat also joked about how it made for some interesting dinner-time conversations when she dined at other people's homes. She said, "Growing up, I'd be having dinner with my boyfriend and his parents ... and I'd be like, 'Where's the wine? Pass the wine.' At like 17, and they were like, 'This girl's crazy.'"

I bet they thought she was crazy -- and probably even crazier if she told them she'd been drinking around the dinner table from the time she was in diapers. I mean, good parents just don't do that, right?

Maybe the Italians are onto something. Or really, any family who allows youngsters to have a bit of wine with dinner. Lea said it really helped her grow up with the concept of moderation, and kept her from wanting to go crazy with booze when she was a teenager.

"When they make it so you can have it, then you don't want it," she explained. "It's when they're like, 'You can't have this,' kids are like, 'We gotta get that booze.'"

She makes a good point. Also let's not forget one very important aspect of allowing toddlers to have a few sips of wine at dinner -- I bet they are much, much easier to put to bed.

Have you let your kids taste wine, or even drink it regularly?


Image via Lea Michele/Instagram

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