Tori Spelling Won't Admit That Dean Cheating on Her Was Karma (VIDEO)

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling's reality show about her troubled marriage to Dean McDermott is a fascinating glimpse into a marriage's darkest moments. And you can really feel Tori's pain. But many aren't feeling it. There are those who think Tori just got what she deserved. After all, Tori met Dean on the set of a Lifetime movie when both of them were married to other people. And that didn't stop them from sleeping with each other. You know what they say, if they'll cheat with you, they'll cheat on you. So a lot of people have no sympathy for Tori's predicament -- that Dean cheated on her with a woman he met in Toronto.


On the show, True Tori, the subject has hardly been brought up. The focus is on "Tori's story" -- and it doesn't really help the heroine's plotline to focus on the fact that the heroine was once the other woman too. There was one brief moment when the couple's therapist mentioned that Tori must have known Dean was capable of cheating given how the two of them met -- but Tori brushed it off, saying that Dean had convinced her they were soul mates.

The show is now over and it's still unclear whether the couple will stay together for the long haul, though it seems they're in it for the short haul. Next week a reunion special promises to answer two of the more pressing questions: Did Dean cheat with other women besides the one in Toronto? (If he did, he'd be a fool to admit it! How many TV shows can one man take?) And was the entire premise fake -- just a ruse to get the financially strapped couple another TV show?

But the one question much of the public really wants to know is whether Tori feels that justice has been served -- that karma has got her. Does she now understand what Dean's first wife, Mary Jo, went through? Well, Entertainment Tonight decided to ask her. And here is her response:

Errrrrrrrrrr, yeah. Pretty lame, eh? "You can't help when you fall in love with someone"? Well, if that excuse flies, then why can't Dean just say he can't help who he fell in lust with? After all, if you can't help yourself, you can't help yourself.

Something tells me that wouldn't have worked very well.

Tori had a chance here -- and perhaps she will utilize this opportunity in the reunion, though I doubt it -- to be truly honest with her audience. To admit that what she did was wrong. And to say, "Yes, since my husband was capable of cheating then, he's capable of it now. I ignored that, and I shouldn't have."

That wouldn't negate the pain Tori has felt, nor what she has been through. Not at all. Part of learning is realizing what red flags you ignored, dismissed, or didn't realize were red flags.

Tori would have gained some sympathy if she had said that what she and Dean did was wrong, and perhaps she should have taken their affair as a sign of Dean's character. And that now she can truly empathize with the pain she caused Mary Jo.

Instead, she took the "you can't help it if ..." route. Bad call, Tori.

Would you like to hear Tori admit she was wrong?


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