Alexander Skarsgard Finally Gets to Work With His Celeb Crush in 'The Giver'

Alexander Skarsgard

On the heels of Alexander Skarsgard's True Blood co-star Joe Manganiello finding himself in a relationship with his celebrity crush, should we be surprised to see him follow suit? Who would that be, anyway? This blondie vampire has legions of fangirls, but who is the lucky lady who holds the honor of being his number one Hollywood crush?

Meryl. Streep. OK, fine, I'm sure he's not going to end up dating Meryl Streep, but is that a serious celeb crush or what? And Skarsgard actually got to work with the three-time Academy Award winner -- or at least got bragging rights for working on the same movie.


Although he's best known for playing the ruthless Eric Northman on HBO's True Blood, Skarsgard switched it up to play a kindly father in this summer's anticipated film The Giver, also starring his gal Meryl Streep.

The actor said of his character in the movie, "It was a real challenge because he is a character who does horrendous things, but that said, he's not a bad guy ... he just doesn't know any better." He continued, "It was a small supporting role, but how could I possibly turn down the opportunity to work with Meryl?"

Unfortunately, their shooting schedules never coincided, so he never got to meet his idol. "We were never able to overlap, so that was quite disappointing," he said. "But I'm still in the same movie as Meryl Streep!"

Does he sound like the ultimate fanboy or what? I can't say I blame him -- Meryl is pretty freaking awesome.

Anyway, despite not running into one of the greatest actresses ever, Skarsgard still had a pretty fantastic time hanging out with the other cast members.

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"It was a lot of fun," Skarsgard dished. "Jeff [Bridges] is a very social guy. He's a great musician, so there's a lot of singing and guitar playing ... all that kind of stuff is so important, especially when you play a character that's quite difficult." He continued, "It was really nice on weekends to hang out with the cast and crew and Jeff, he was the anchor of the group."

He also said that castmates Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift provided sweets for the cast and crew, in the form of delicious cupcakes, but he did not reciprocate. "There were definitely some cupcakes on set," he said. "Unfortunately, I didn't bake. I probably should've returned the favor, but they would've all gotten food poisoning."

Oh, and those rumors he's dating Katie Homes? Nope. "Katie's a dear friend and I really loved working with her. She's a sweetheart and a great actress. But no, we're not dating," he said.

Who's your celebrity crush?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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