Kendall Jenner Can’t Have the One Man She Really Wants

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is beautiful, young, wealthy, and famous. So it's hard to believe that there is anything on this planet she can't have. Unless it's someone else beautiful, young, and even more wealthy and much more famous. And that would be Harry Styles. Oh, remember how those two dated (or, in teen parlance, "hung out") for a hot second? Apparently Kendall has never gotten over it. (Well, would you?!)


A source told RadarOnline that despite Kendall's rising career, she just can't get Styles out of her mind. The source blabs:

Kendall desperately wants him back. She loved the attention dating Harry gave her, plus she really fell for him big time.

But woe for Kendall, for the source also says that despite Kendall texting and calling him almost constantly, he is simply not interested. Says the source:

He did nothing but use her. That hasn’t stopped her from dreaming of a rematch ... Harry rarely takes her calls because he knows when he’s pushed his luck when it comes to a woman’s heart and Kendall’s got it bad for him. He doesn’t want to encourage her, but it’s turning into an embarrassing situation -- for both of them.

Harry has awesome hair, but he sounds like a bit of a twit. He didn't treat Taylor Swift well either. Luckily, Kendall can't write songs.

But with his band, One Direction, reeling from a pot scandal, who knows, maybe Harry will finally return Kendall's phone calls so he can commiserate with her over his bandmates' puffing ways? Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch.

Besides, if he truly did "use" Kendall, then good riddance. Real men don't "use" women. Grow up, Harry! (And return a girl's calls once in a while, will ya? And I don't mean Kendall's!)

Do you think those two will ever get back together?


Image via KendallJenner/Instagram

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