10 Movies NOT to Watch Before You Send Your Kids to Camp

Rebecca Stokes | Jun 6, 2014 Celebrities

movies not to watch when your kid is at campSummer camp is an exciting time for parents and kids alike! For kids, the chance to scuttle off to an overnight camp offers a taste of freedom and a wealth of new experiences out from under the watchful gaze of their parental units. For us parents, as much as we might adore our kids, a little vacation never hurt us either! I'm just saying. You know I speak truths. Plus, you know that finding stuff for the kids to do over the summer is not unlike pulling teeth at times. 

You might want to spend some of your rare and newly acquired free-time watching a movie. No shame in that game! What's better than a summertime movie, snacking on popcorn and sitting in an air-conditioned living room? Not a thing, that's what. But you'd better be careful. There are sure to be some movies floating around cable this time of year that will have you kicking yourself for sending the kids away! 

Oh, the shenanigans that Hollywood would have you believe your kids are up to when you ship them off for a mere week or two! Here are 10 movies you SHOULDN'T watch if you've sent your kids to summer camp. 

What are your favorite summer camp movies?


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  • 'Friday the 13th'


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    You'll never look at hockey masks -- or summer camp -- the same way again.

  • 'Meatballs'


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    Because what you want to do is imagine your kid participating in some sort of '80s sex comedy. Awesome. ME NO WANT. 

  • 'Dirty Dancing'


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    Sure, it's a classic -- dreamy! But watch this before you send your kid to dance camp and you'll definitely be putting Baby in a corner. 

  • 'Little Darlings'


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    Guess what you don't want to spend the summer thinking about? Your daughter in a race to lose her virginity, that's what. 

  • 'Moonrise Kingdom'


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    The only thing worse than your kid coming home from their summer camp experience with a piercing? Your kid coming back with a husband or wife. 

  • 'The Parent Trap'


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    Frankly, if you're concerned that your daughter is going to secretly discover that she has an identical twin out there, you've got bigger problems than summer camp.

  • 'Camp Nowhere'


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    Ah, teaching your kids the classic rule: Lie to your parents. *Forehead slap* I mean, at least Christopher Lloyd is there?

  • 'Addams Family Values'


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    If you're worried about the sort of kids your tykes will be associating with this summer, maybe give this one a miss. 

  • 'Wet Hot American Summer'


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    If you have fear about summer camp and your kids, this (totally hilarious) movie is one to be avoided. Especially if your kid ain't the greatest swimmer. 

  • 'Piranha'


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    You might not remember this cult classic, but if it pops up on your TV while the kids are away for the summer, change the channel! I mean, unless you enjoy seeing campers eaten alive by evil fish, that is. 


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