Robert Pattinson Caught Cuddling With New Mystery Woman (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson

Dude. I honestly just can't keep up with the rumors surrounding his love life anymore. After Robert Pattinson was spotted at Katy Perry's concert trying to be all incognito in the audience, we kind of assumed that there might be more going on between them than they're letting on.

After all, they're both single and hot and all that good stuff, so there's no decent reason why they haven't hooked up yet. Seriously ... what gives?!?

But it looks like we should probably go ahead and put that possibility on the back burner again, based on a video taken by a fan at the show.


Look closely, and you'll see that Robert Pattinson has his arm around some chick -- who is most definitely not Katy. (Duh, cuz she's up on stage.)

According to Hollywood Life, this gal is likely Katy's assistant, Tamra Natisin.

And you know what's happening as a result of this clip, right? Yep. Now there's speculation that Rob and this woman might have somewhat of a thing going on, even though it could've been totally innocent. (And probably was.)

Sigh. Rob probably needs to just go ahead and accept that he's going to be romantically linked to any female he so much as shares the same air with until he finally settles down and goes public with a girlfriend again.

Which is why he needs to hurry up and do it already. Hell, we're all sick to death of the rumors changing from day to day, so we can only begin to imagine just how over it he is.

Does it look like Rob and this woman were being romantic to you?


Image via Neilson Barnard/Getty

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