If Emily Maynard Is Pregnant, She’s Doing a Bad Job Hiding It

emily maynard with fiance and daughter memorial dayEmily Maynard may not have said "I do" to fiance Tyler Johnson yet, but considering that her bachelorette party was earlier this month, the plan must be to walk down the aisle very soon! It's quite possible another plan is at hand, too: Having a baby together! 

Fans first became suspect when Emily's bachelorette party cake featured a bride with a shotgun (representative of a "shotgun wedding," perhaps?), and now, the reality star-turned-jewelry designer's tweets about having to contend with a stuffy head for the past two weeks have even more eyebrows raised ...


That may be because up to 30 percent of pregnant women suffer from rhinitis of pregnancy, or congestion without having allergies or a viral infection like the common cold. It can start as early as your second month and tends to worsen later in pregnancy, as it is linked to higher amounts of estrogen that contribute to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and other hormonal factors. In other words -- Em may be hinting that she's expecting!

Need proof? Check this out:

Interesting ... And while you might guess that taking antibiotics may be a red flag that she's not expecting, most are safe during pregnancy, so who knows?

Either way, it's not hard to imagine that Em will announce a pregnancy sooner rather than later. After all, she's already confessed she's "got to have a baby soon"! Aww! And whatever "soon" ends up meaning, how exciting!

Would you guess Emily is already pregnant?

Image via EmilyMaynard/Instagram

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