Justin Bieber's 'So You Think You Can Dance' Role Is Kind of a Dud

justin bieberSince Dancing With the Stars has ended for the season, I've been missing the fancy footwork and gyrating hips. It's only been a week, I know, but I love the dancing! Tonight's season 11 premiere of So You Think You Can Dance had everything I expected it to. I was inspired. My eyes welled with tears. My neck may have done some dance moves. And I said "Wow" to myself a few times. SYTYCD differs from DWTS in that you can cry within the first five minutes of the first show of the year. I'm a huge Megan Marcano fan now.

I've also been a secret fan of Justin Bieber. Okay, so maybe not so secret. I want to belieb this kid is of the good stuff variety, but his actions as of late are a bit disappointing. Also disappointing is his new role on SYTYCD.


You're all with me on the Megan Marcano fan-wagon, right? Just making sure because ... wow. Now back to Biebs. Maybe we're starting the season off slow, just easing in a little Justin first, until we see him annihilate the dance floor with his choreographer bud Nick DeMaura (who is also the man behind some of Justin Timberlake moves!). But I wanted more than to just see Bieber smiling and talking about these dance crews we are supposed to vote for on Twitter. Still, you can tell these two have a little bromance going on and that's cute and all. The rest of their time on the show was a snore.

But the dancers ... oh my word ... fantastic start to the show! The cities New Orleans and Chicago were represented well. I laughed. I cried. I shook my shoulders a little. Mary is still a loud laughing weirdo. Cat Deeley still has the most perfect hair (though that tweed jacket she had on at first was odd).

The dance crews that Justin is on the show to talk about each time were fun to see as well. We saw snippets of the crews Poreotics and the Syncopated Ladies. Why dance crews have the worst names ever I will never understand, but the Poreotics were basically an all-male group of popping robot-like dancers. The Syncopated Ladies were a group of all-female tap dancers with quite an edge. My vote goes to the ladies. Justin isn't allowed to share his opinion. I just want to see him dance. Maybe DeMaura could help facilitate some kind of Justin v. Justin dance-off. Bieber v. Timberlake. I think we know who would win. I'm just going to request Biebs takes it up a notch the next time he's on the show.

Do you watch SYTYCD? What do you think of Bieber's role and the premiere?

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