'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Sequel Is a Risk Worth Taking

Nia VardalosRaise your hand if you loved Nia Vardalos' 2002 sleeper hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding? If you're not raising your hand -- it's OK! I make lamb. Because there is cause for celebration, friends. Toula Portokalos is coming back. That's right, 12 years after the original's smash success, we're finally getting a sequel.

Nia announced Tuesday that a second movie is already in the works, and that she and John Corbett will both return to reprise their roles as one of our favorite cross-cultural couples. She's also writing the screenplay, so we're crossing our fingers it's as funny and clever as the first, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.


Oh my, are we ever hopeful. Skeptical, perhaps, but hopeful nonetheless. No one ever expected My Big Fat Greek Wedding to be so successful. After filming on a minuscule $5 million budget, it went on to bring in an international gross of close to $400 million.

According to a statement released by Vardalos, the plot will follow Toula and her American hubby Ian Miller as the Portokalos family is reunited for an even bigger and fatter wedding, and a family secret is revealed. Shenanigans are of course expected to ensue.

The actress may have hinted that it will also follow Toula and Ian's journey through parenthood. We know from the first movie they had at least one daughter, and in real life, Vardalos adopted a child in 2008 with her hubs Ian Gomez. She said, "Now that I’m experiencing motherhood, I’m ready to write the next chapter of my family story ... Of course, a few jaded folks in the press corps will claim I ran out of money or just want to kiss John Corbett again." She jokingly added, "One of these things is true."

It's a big risk to try and re-create the magic of the original story, and it's quite possible it will fall flat on its face. But we're excited to see them go for it, and we're keeping our fingers crossed! Besides, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have signed on to produce again. You may have heard of another little Greek film they've put together since then -- Mamma Mia. All signs point to a successful sequel. No pressure, guys.

Do you think the sequel for My Big Fat Greek Wedding will be good?


Image via Canadian Film Centre/Flickr

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