‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Looks Like He’s Back Together With Courtney Robertson

ben flajnikSo did you hear? Bachelor Ben is dating Courtney Robertson again. Okay, not literally. But take a look at Ben Flajnik's new girlfriend and you have to admit, she is pretty much Court 2.0. I mean -- as far as appearances go. I'm sure her personality is completely different. At least we hope so. But come on, Ben. We all have eyes. We see what's going on here. Apparently you have a type! Or maybe it's just me? Have a look and see what you think.


Just as a reminder (like anyone's going to forget), this is Courtney Robertson, A.K.A. Ben's former reality-TV-engineered fiance.

And now here's Ben with his new girlfriend, Stephanie Winn:

ben flajnik

Right??? If nothing else, Ben has a thing for dark-eyed girls with long, brown hair. But we hope that's where the similarities end. Otherwise we'd really have to question Ben's sanity. Not that his breakup with Courtney was all her fault -- it takes two to destroy a Bachelor engagement, after all.

You know what? Upon close examination of this photo (and by the way, that makes me so uncomfortable), I'd say Steph has kind eyes. Also, she's holding Ben's dog, Scotch. Clearly she's down-to-earth and has empathy to spare and will love Ben until the end of her days. So the only question I have is: How worthy is Ben of this super-nice dog lady's love? Maybe she's too nice for him, I don't know.

Okay, so the next question is, how long have they been dating? Going by their respective Instagram feeds, I'd say they'd been seeing each other since at least October, maybe longer. And by the way, how creepy is it that you can guess the trajectory of a stranger's love life via their Instagram feed? I will back away from the Instagram feeds now and let you contemplate Ben's love life in privacy.

Do you think Ben's new girlfriend reminds him at all of Courtney?


Images via Ben Flajnik/Instagram, Courtney Robertson/Instagram, Ben Flajnik/Instagram

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