10 Miley Cyrus Photos That Remind Us How Gorgeous She Really Is

Jill Baughman | May 28, 2014 Celebrities

miley cyrusSometimes when Miley Cyrus has her tongue hanging out every which way and is twerking on every which thing and she's dressed up in insane outfits and saying insane things, it's so easy to forget that she is actually a really beautiful young woman (depending on one's taste, of course). She's got flawless skin, an enviable body, gorgeous blue eyes, and a certain type of confidence that would put all of us to shame.

Come on, she's beautiful enough to grace the cover of Vogue and appear in Maxim, could you ever say the same about yourself?

So let's take a look at 10 photos of Miley where she actually looks ... kind of hot instead of, well, crazy. Because why not!

Do you think Miley Cyrus is hot or just plain gross?

Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

  • Sparkly Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    Soft makeup, a sparkly top that actually goes up to her neck, hair actually brushed, subtle pink lipstick -- this is a good, safe, refreshing look for our girl Miley.

  • 'Vogue' Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

    Rockin' bright red lips, flowing blonde hair, and diva red nails, Miley was smoldering on the cover of Vogue. Even though, yes, on one of the three covers, Miley posed topless. This is Miley Cyrus, after all ...

  • Drippin' Wet Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    Bleached eyebrows may be extreme for some, but Miley looks quite sexy in this photo, which shows off her symmetrical face, small nose, beautiful eyes, and perfect lips. The hair could probably use a little help (a commenter said it looks like ramen noodles), but we can't be too picky right about now.

  • Smiley Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    Natural and bright, Miley is showing off her gorgeous smile with her tongue actually in her mouth in this photo. Her pixie looks great and her makeup is flawless.

  • Hot Body Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    Though some argue that Miley has the body of a teenage boy, it's still hard to find an ounce of body fat, and I'm sure plenty of women out there would do some crazy things for legs like hers. And clearly Miley's confident with her body, which is also very sexy in and of itself.

  • Happy Halloween Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

    Of course Miley looks insanely hot during a holiday when she has an excuse to dress up however she likes! This is one of her most revealing looks, but because she's dressed up as Lil Kim from the 1999 VMAs for Halloween, she can definitely get away with it.

  • Red-Lipped Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    The word fierce comes to mind. Again sporting those red lips, a super-low cut top, and heavy eyeliner, Miley can go from trashy to high-fashion in the blink of an eye.

  • Glamorous Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    Miley stunned fans and non-fans alike in this glittery green, backless dress at the Fashion Group International's 30th Annual Night of Stars. Beautiful!

  • Vulnerable Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    Miley loves taking selfies in bed, but it also goes to show her more natural, less crazy side. She seems the type who doesn't seem to care at all if there are pictures of her without a single swipe of makeup, and that too is ineviable.

  • Beachside Miley


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram


    Finally, here is Miley in a bathing suit posing for Maxim. Again with the smoldering look and minimal makeup, it's easy to see that there's a gorgeous young woman beneath all those stunts and costumes!

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