10 Miley Cyrus Photos That Remind Us How Gorgeous She Really Is

miley cyrusSometimes when Miley Cyrus has her tongue hanging out every which way and is twerking on every which thing and she's dressed up in insane outfits and saying insane things, it's so easy to forget that she is actually a really beautiful young woman (depending on one's taste, of course). She's got flawless skin, an enviable body, gorgeous blue eyes, and a certain type of confidence that would put all of us to shame.

Come on, she's beautiful enough to grace the cover of Vogue and appear in Maxim, could you ever say the same about yourself?

So let's take a look at 10 photos of Miley where she actually looks ... kind of hot instead of, well, crazy. Because why not!


Do you think Miley Cyrus is hot or just plain gross?

Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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