Kylie Jenner & Justin Bieber Are Looking Awfully Cozy Again (PHOTO)

Kylie Jenner

We all thought their alleged hookup ran its course a few weeks ago, but after seeing new photos of Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber looking all sorts of happy together, I guess we can put the possibility of them dating back on the table.

Get this one -- both Kylie and Justin shared a shot of the two of them on social media. While Justin captioned his with, "Boys night out," Kylie merely hashtagged hers with "selfie" -- allowing us to read as much or as little as we want into the picture.

(Nice move.)


Check out the shots in question and see if you think Kylie and Justin look like more than just friends:

Kylie Jenner & Justin Bieber

Kylie Jenner & Justin Bieber

Hmm. They look awfully close in that first photo, don't you think? Almost like they want us to believe there's something going on between them?

Ahh. Yes, that must be it. Either the two of them really are hooking up, or they know how much publicity they'll both get if people think they're an item, so they're keeping up with the charade for a little while longer.

Oh come on, would you put it past either of them to fake a romance to gain an extra 15 minutes in the spotlight? It's obvious that both of them crave attention. What better way to create a buzz than by leading people to believe you're possibly a couple?

Yeah. While you have to admit they are kind of cute together, we probably shouldn't jump to conclusions about their relationship just yet. Besides, Justin seems to change girls as often as he change his underwear lately -- something tells me he's not exactly in the market for a serious thing.

Do you think Kylie and Justin are hooking up?


Images via Instagram/Twitter/Shots

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