Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Honeymoon Details Sound Totally Bizarre​

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West just had the wedding of the century year, so where are they going now? Nope, not Disney World. To a pub! Now this is my kind of honeymoon. The pair, who are more prone to castles, walls of flowers, and ostentatious displays of new wealth, reportedly headed to a local pub in Ireland to knock back a few. (This despite the fact that Kim supposedly doesn't drink.)


The newlyweds and four friends/employees reportedly went mountain biking in County Limerick and then headed to a pub for some pints of Guinness. Man, I can only imagine the reaction of the locals when they saw that coming in the door!

Some other details: The group also enjoyed a picnic of tarts and sandwiches and locally produced apple juice.

After the biking and the picnics, they reportedly knocked back some of the dark brew and left the servers a "four-figure tip," which must have made some barkeep extremely happy given that Ireland isn't exactly known for outlandish tipping. Or even any at all.

Reportedly, the pair were staying at Castle Oliver, which was built in 1843. Since the website says it isn't a hotel, it's odd they were able to stay there, but the owners apparently confirmed it. Maybe they made an exception for this American royalty. Cough.

Since the castle is for sale, maybe Kanye will snap it up for a honeymoon gift! Then he can call himself Lord Kanye, and he and Lord Disick can have enclaves at the castle where they plot storming the moat of their neighbor.

This isn't exactly the honeymoon I would have expected of the couple. Biking in the mountains? Picnicking? Staying at a no doubt cold castle with dubious plumbing? I would have loved to have seen Kim's planet-sized derriere struggling to stay on that bike seat!

Is this the honeymoon you would have expected?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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