Taylor Swift Completely Cancels Sold-Out Concert for a Very Smart Reason

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift will not be rocking out in Thailand come June 9. Or any other foreseeable date, as her show there has not been rescheduled, but cancelled altogether. The singer had been planning to make her first trip to the country on a stop in Bangkok on her Red tour but had to back out due to all the political upheaval going on over there right now.

Concert promoter BEC-Tero posted Tuesday that the sold-out event would be cancelled "due to recent events in Thailand." They also said it was "a difficult decision for all parties. Taylor, AEG, BEC Tero, and 13 Management all express regret and sincere apologies to the fans in Thailand."


Thailand came under military rule last week after a coup d'etat. The military has dissolved the Senate, which was the last functioning democratic institution left, and according to Brad Adams, the Asia director of Human Rights Watch, this "has thrown Thailand's rights situation into a free fall." He also said, "The army is using draconian martial law powers to detain politicians, activists, and journalists, to censor media, and to ban all public gatherings."

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Yeah, probably not the best time for a concert. As much as it sucks Taylor had to cancel, it's probably a wise decision. When you have high tensions in countries that already don't have the best law and order in place, it's best not to poke it with a stick.

Even though the coup has been mainly political, you never know what can erupt overnight in such situations. Plus, there's a curfew over there, 10 p.m., but rumor has it it's being eased. Still a good idea to skip the Bangkok tour stop for a concert by an American artist. People who are into coups usually aren't that into us freedom-y peeps.

Taylor no doubt was totally bummed, and she shared the sentiment with her Twitter followers.

They're probably pretty bummed too. Not only is their country in political upheaval, but now no Taylor Swift concert. It's hardly fair, but it was the right thing to do.

Would you be scared to travel to Thailand right now?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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